Equestrian is the mobile horse game that gives the player free reins. If you'd enjoy good-looking graphics, riding and the possibility to build your equestrian career just the way you want to - then Equestrian is probably the right game for you. 


More than just a horse

The horses in Equestrian are complex and individual creatures - just like in real life. Not only do they come in different breeds and colors, every horse also has unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. It's up to you to take your horse's character into consideration when determining its future. Is this horse a jumper or more suited for dressage? Is it a good idea to breed it? That's all up to you. 


the most realistic riding in a game, ever

Enjoy realistic horse riding in dressage and show jumping on your mobile device.


manage your equestrian center

You'll get a stable and a horse, but then it's really up to you what to do. Start breeding one of many horse breeds or, make a career in show jumping or dressage are just a few examples. Whatever you choose, make sure you find a way to financially support you and your horses. 


Still want to know more?

Check out our FAQ where the most common questions will be answered!