Our most frequently asked questions are answered here. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, send us an email!


when will the app launch?

The app is planned to be released this year - but we can't say anything more than that for the time being. The app is in development, so thank you for being patient!


how much will the game cost?

The app will be free to play with optional in-app purchases. 


How can i join the test group? 

The test group is yet to be launched. When we start the group, we will announce this in all of our channels and anyone who wants to may join it. 


Will it be available in my country/language?

Equestrian will be available in all countries! It's too early to know if we will be able to translate it though.


what features will there be? 

Check out our roadmap to see which features we are testing and which features will be for certain in the app and the PC/console version. 


How many/which breeds will there be?

We will add many breeds and we take our community's requests into consideration when making a new breed. We will continue adding breeds even after the game is initially released.